There is a shift in corporate demand for flexible workspaces. It is forecast to grow from 3% of the office inventory to 30%. Flex space is no longer a nice to have, it’s essential.

The demand is coming from corporate occupiers seeking agility, efficiency, and a more hospitality-driven experience for their employees.

Across the globe traditional office use is being challenged by ‘the future of work’.

The ‘war on talent’ is a critical issue. Businesses must ‘earn the commute’ by making their office environment a place where people want to be if they are to attract and retain the best talent.

The ‘flight to quality’ is expanding.

From start-ups to grown-ups, making a building attractive to companies will require more flexibility and even more hospitality like amenities.

Providing this experience-driven flex amenity is fast becoming a hygiene factor to attract corporate occupiers.

Buildings are being overlooked or excluded from active tenant shortlists if they do not deliver flexible workspace components to their amenities.

To make the shortlist landlords need to provide a combination of flexible workspace, meeting room facilities, hybrid managed spaces, alongside larger traditional spaces, wrapped in 5-star hospitality.

Convenient access to these amenities will drive operational efficiencies for large occupiers while simultaneously incubating growing businesses.

Within the flex-space we create a pipeline of future tenants and proactively manage the transition to conventional space within your building as they grow. The opportunity is enormous for landlords.

To deliver this requires expertise and experience in commercial real estate and flexible workspace operations, we have both.

For Flex, think Felix.

Felix Real Estate provides the commercial real estate expertise, backed by Liberty and their flexible workspace experience.

FelixRE is a new kind of commercial real estate business that connects the dots between flexible workspaces and conventional leases.

Felix Real Estate and Liberty Flexible Workspaces under the umbrella of The Happy Workplace Group, help landlords add flex to their buildings.